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Outcast Media Group is connecting Cornwall with some of the best music variaty. View the radio network and see what we power here at OMG!

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  • Penzance Based Company

    Being in the heart of Penzance means that we can be easily accessed. Ten minutes away from the final stop on the railway line, Outcast Media Group Cornwall sits overlooking the bay. This gives us some of the best views, to come up with some of the best ideas.

    Imagination starts at home and when we work on anything for our clients, we put our entire heart and soul into each and every task!

  • The Pulse Network

    Creating the best possible radio services is one thing that OMG Cornwall tries its hardest to provide. The Pulse Network is a sub-network of the Outcast Radio Network. Pulse radios are build by Outcast but powered by local colleges and universities in the Dutchy!

    This is to give students a really good platform to enter the media world, the idea is to train them to Outcast's training scheme so they are ready for the real world networks. Who knows, they could get a job on the bigger stations here at OMG?

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    Check with the company you would like to contact for specialised help and information.

    Still want to contact Outcast Media Group? Here are some of the ways to do so:

    Call: 01736 330 629


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Hello there!

I’m Ryan Wicks, the founder and owner around here at Outcast Media Group. I know how important it is to have great media services like radio, website design and photography, so I made this one company where you can learn to trust one solid brand.

Have a little look around at what we have to offer and who knows, you might be our next customer!